sábado, 14 de fevereiro de 2009

Bad news

Hi people. Here we are with another piece of news for Crown of Pain's production journal.
As the title may already hint, these are not good news: My bass amp is gone. Due to an energy surge, the fuse was burnt out, and I suppose it was not the ONLY thing to be blown, as every other fuse that I replaced afterwards were ALSO burnt out as soon as I turned the amp on.
Anyway, it doesn't come to REALLY be a surprise, as the amp was already a bit old, soo it was something to happen sooner or later.
Then, what to do now? The RECORDING process will be halted for a while (until I have some more fundings for a new amp. These are the cons of a one-man band...), and I will make good use of this idle time to POLISH the new songs a little better.
Sorrowful blessings.

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