quarta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2010

Less is more!

Here we are again. As one could have expected, a translator's hurried life couldn't allow me to write record and release new songs since the last month of May. I sincerely apologize to everyone that was expecting something new. In order to keep you people up to date, and since Geocities is no more, I decided to officially turn this modestly sized blog into Crown of Pain's information channel. And my plan is not to take so long to next piece of information.
Among the news that I have to share is the fact that the ol' good Miserere Nobis demo is officially available for download(the link is in the left navigation bar) and the new songs, as slow they progress may be, are being written in a manner that may not be jeopardized by the lack of a full line-up for the band.
That is it. As for the post's title: This layout streamlining has the purpose to allow me to keep you all updated on the go and with the little time available. Now, let's expect for results.


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